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Perth Home Removals

At Best Removalists we know every move is different, so we offer a full range of flexible and customizable options to suit your needs.  Whether you have a large home or a small apartment, our specialists can do it all. We can provide you with the custom materials to pack your items, or we can pack them for you.  Once all of your valuables are securely packed, we load them into one of our state-of-the-art containers and transport them to your new location.

Does your new home have bad access, don’t worry, our experts at Best Removalists are trained to handle any situation.

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Our Customizable Moving Options Include:

  • You Pack It, and We Move It
    This option allows you to pack your smaller items into boxes as you see fit.  When your boxes are ready to go, we take over.  We deliver your cartons to your new home and will even place all of your times just where you want them.
  • You Prepare It, and We Deliver It
    We will provide a full line of custom-designed boxes and packing materials to suit your specific needs.  Carefully pack your valuables and prepare your furniture to go.  We will safely and securely move your possessions in your new home exactly where you request them.  
  • Sit back and Let Us Do Everything
    The ultimate stress-free home removal option! Just relax and let us do all the work.  We communicate with you to determine the most convenient method for your move.  We arrive at your home on the days leading up to your move and carefully and securely pack and prepare your items and furnishings.  When you get to your new home, we even unpack your valuables and place your furniture exactly where you want it.  

Call Us: (08) 6311 5902

The Best Reasons to Use Best Removalists

  • Well Equipped and Maintained Trucks
    Our entire fleet of trucks is modern, clean and well maintained.  Our trucks come stocked with removal blankets, tie downs, dollies and bubble-wrap to ensure you, or we, have everything needed to pack and prepare your items for removal.
  • Removal Insurance
    We offer full coverage insurance up to $100,000 while your items are in transit and during the loading and unloading process.  We even offer additional insurance options if you believe your items exceed $100,000 in value.
  • Expertly Trained Team
    Our team of professionals has been expertly trained in every aspect of moving.  No matter how bad the access or how heavy the furniture, our team will provide you with a safe and secure move that will guarantee your home and your possessions are damage free.
  • Packing Materials
    We provide up to 50 free boxes to each of our customers, and we will wrap your mattress at no charge.   We sell a full range of packing supplies including bubble-wrap, shrink-wrap, tape and extra boxes and an affordable rate.


We Move Anywhere in Perth

We will relocate your move anywhere in the Perth Metro area. 

Call Us: (08) 6311 5902