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We take care of all of your office removal needs so you can get back to work.

Business StorageAt Best Removalists we pride ourselves on being experts in the removal and relocation of office furniture.  Our exceptional team of experts takes care of everything to allow you to keep working stress-free throughout your relocation guaranteeing you the absolute minimum downtime possible.    

No matter where you are in the relocation process our team is ready to step in and take over to make your relocation completely hassle-free.  Whether you just need your items transported or you need a team to carefully and professionally pack your office for you, our experts are at your service with a fully equipped, clean and well-maintained fleet to make your move quick and easy.

We at Best Removalists take pride in our exceptional customer service and in understanding the needs of your busy businesses. We liaise with your company to ensure a secure, stress-free relocation with minimal disruption and downtime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a good removalist in Perth?

When choosing a removal expert, it is important to find out as much about the company as possible including how secure their facilities are and whether they provide insurance to cover any damage that might occur.  Be sure to read reviews from previous customers on independent sites like WOM and One Flare.

How much does a removalist cost?

As with any service, the cost can vary greatly.  A typical removalists Perth can cost from $70ph to $200ph depending how the size of the team you need and how much is being stored.  Paying more doesn’t always mean that you are getting better service but a removalist with lower prices will typically have older equipment and less experienced staff.  When doing your research, you want to balance value with security and experience.  Be sure to ask how well trained their removal team is and how often their equipment is updated. 

Call Us: (08) 6311 5902

Will you move pianos and pool tables?

Yes, unlike some removal companies, specialize in heavy and have removal experts specifically trained to handle custom items like these.

Do you provide storage?

Yes, Best Removalists offers a range of storage solutions to suit your needs.  Whether you are storing one item or all of your furnishings we have a storage solution that fits your budget.

Is there an extra charge for moving heavy items?

Yes, our standard fee for moving heavy items like pianos is $75.  If the item is in an area that is difficult to maneuver like stairs, there may be an additional charge.

Do you charge from your depot?

Yes, charges start from our depot because we start paying your removal team from our depot.   Some companies don’t include this fee and don’t pay their removal team from the depot either.  We prefer to take care of our team so they will take care of you.

We also provide quality home removals service with our proffesional removalists around Perth area.

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